The EV boom propels a surge in high-voltage wiring harness demand.

Over the coming years, China is poised to maintain its status as one of the world's fastest-growing economies, with the automotive sector expected to exhibit robust growth. Consequently, the demand for automotive wiring harnesses in China is set to witness a further uptick. In the backdrop of the dual-carbon initiative, the proliferation of new energy vehicles in China has been on a continuous rise. In 2020, the State Council's General Office released the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)," targeting new energy vehicles to constitute about 20% of total new vehicle sales by 2025. Simultaneously, a robust technology supply system will be established to fortify the development of key components and systems for intelligent connected vehicles. Aligning with the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" objectives, 2030 is earmarked as the carbon peak period, while carbon neutrality is anticipated by 2060. Fueled by such supportive policies, the production and sales of new energy vehicles have far surpassed expectations, with total sales reaching 6.887 million units by 2022, reflecting a remarkable year-on-year increase of 96.6%.


The wiring harness is an integral system-level component in vehicles. It is "soft, important, and widely used" in all vehicles, providing stable power, signals, and data for all electrical appliances, essentially functioning as the vehicle's "neural network" and "arteries." Statistics reveal that as of 2022, China's automotive wiring harness industry has produced approximately 2.806 billion sets, with a demand of around 2.168 billion sets. As the automotive industry advances and consumer demands evolve, vehicles are transitioning from meeting mere convenience and comfort needs to embracing entertainment and intelligence demands. The increasing application of automotive electronic equipment and automotive electronics represents the future automotive market. The surge in automotive electronics and intelligent technology has been a catalyst for the steady growth of the automotive wiring harness industry. The rapid ascent of the new energy vehicle market in recent years has significantly increased the demand for high-voltage automotive wiring harnesses, offering favorable market opportunities for the transformation, upgrading, and sustainable development of China's automotive wiring harness industry.

New Hall Spotlights Swift Evolution in New Energy and Emerging Sectors.

productronica China 2024 align with such trend with a new exhibition hall, Central Hall C3 - New Energy Wire Harness Processing and Connector Manufacturing Area, so as to assist wire harness customers achieving digital, intelligent production and flexible processing, enhance their production efficiency, and unlock more development opportunities for participants. Alongside showcasing wire harness processing and connector manufacturing in the original E3 Hall, this expansion is geared toward fostering the rapid development of new energy vehicles and other emerging fields.

Support Forum in Hall C3: New Energy Vehicle Wiring & Connector Tech Forum.

This forum will hone in on the wire harness processing of new energy vehicles and processing and connection technology in battery connection systems, especially the latest technological advancements, industry trends, and challenges. Industry experts, scholars, and business representatives have been invited to delve into technical challenges and solutions in this field, contributing to the advancement of the new energy industry.


  • New energy vehicle high-voltage connector technology, design, and trends
  • EIC and connectors of new energy vehicles under emerging technology trends
  • Exploration and application of new materials in new energy vehicle wiring harness connectors
  • New energy vehicle wire harness crimping and inspection technology

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