“AI + Robot” Intelligent Flexible Manufacturing Summit

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The global robot industry, a benchmark for modern technology and high-end manufacturing, is experiencing unprecedented growth. ChatGPT, an intelligent productivity tool, has ushered in the "large model era," sparking new opportunities in the AI industry as well as its applications in numerous industries. In the industrial and manufacturing sectors intertwined with the national economy and people's daily lives, large-scale AI models are flourishing, ushering in fresh opportunities for the entire industry.

With the theme of diversified new models and business forms in "AI + Robots + Intelligent Manufacturing," this forum will invite renowned industry experts, scholars, and representatives from scientific research institutes and enterprises. The agenda includes discussions on innovation, technology, industrial development, solutions, and collaborative opportunities to foster shared insights, create advantages for cooperation and development, and seize the commanding heights of future industrial development. The organizer, acting as a crucial bridge, maintains a focus on enterprise demand orientation, and continues to build a platform for innovative cooperation, exchanges, and resource gathering. This commitment will contribute to cultivating a robust industrial ecology of innovation, cooperation, and mutual success, guiding the industry towards high-quality development.

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2024 Topics:

      - "Large Model Era": AI's transformative role in manufacturing

      - "AI + Robots": Routes and practices in intelligent manufacturing

      - "AI + Robots" drives innovation of smart industrial manufacturing

      - Robotized intelligent manufacturing as a pivotal direction

      - Digital workshop robot system design and engineering practice

      - Flexible manufacturing: A breakthrough in smart industries

      - Promising opportunities through flexible manufacturing

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  • “AI + Robot” Intelligent Flexible Manufacturing Summit

Time Topic Guest
Time Topicilinki —Industrial Service Platform for Manufacturing Industry Guest

Haoran Zhen
Zhihuiwanlian(Beijing)Info.Technology Co.,Ltd Marketing Director

Time TopicDiscuss The Reliability Of Low-Voltage Power System Guest

Gang Song
Wago Electronic(Tianjin)Co., Ltd. Interface Product Manager

Time TopicFlexible Conveying-Production Line Efficiency Multiplier Guest

Huazhen Song
B&R Industrial Automation (China) Co., Ltd. echnical Communication Manager

Time TopicSINSEGYE Intelligent Machine Family: Empowering Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Guest

Xiuchao Li
SINSEGYE (Shenzhen) Computer Systems Co., Ltd. Product Director of IPC Product Line

Time TopicEmpower Intelligent Manufacturing With AI Guest

Bo Chen
Shanghai Branch, Hikrobot Industry Director

Time Topic“AI + Sensor” Opens a New Era of Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Guest

Lingwen Yu
Shanghai Pepperl+Fuchs Automation Trading Co., Ltd. Industry Technical Manager

Time TopicEmpowering Intelligent Manufacturing with Industrial Foundation Models Guest

Zhen Zhi
China Industry Internet (Beijing) Technology Group Co., Ltd. Chairman

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