2023New Energy Automobile Wire Harness Processing and Connection Technology Summit Forum

Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC)


Wire harness manufacturing will focus on Industry 4.0, to the direction of intelligent, digital factory continues to develop, automated production can perform some manual tests difficult or impossible to carry out tests, can make better use of resources, reduce enterprise production costs, improve enterprise production efficiency. With the combination of automation, intelligence and Industry 4.0 and AI technology, new energy vehicles and automotive intelligent networking are rapidly emerging, which promotes the development of the automotive industry and technological changes, but also to the automotive wiring harness industry has brought a new round of technological upgrading, the future of automotive wiring harness products will be towards high voltage, lightweight, standardization, modularization and integration of the direction of development. This forum will focus on the above content for in-depth discussion.

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•Smart factory solutions for wire harness production in the industry 4.0 era

•Modular Design and Modular Manufacturing of New Energy Vehicle Wire Harness

•FAKRA wire harness automated processing solution

•Application of ultrasonic welding in the field of new energy automobile wiring harness

•How to realize the new development of high voltage, light weight and standardization of new energy vehicle wiring harness

•Requirements and challenges  brought by autonomous driving for wiring harnesses

•Efficient inspection solution for energy vehicle wiring harness

•Future development trends of wire harness industry


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  • 2023New Energy Automobile Wire Harness Processing and Connection Technology Summit Forum

Time Topic Guest
Time TopicThe Host Made an Opening Speech Guest

Time TopicLow-temperature Sintering of Nano-silver Paste as Interconnections Guest

Yun-Hui Mei
Solderwell Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd. Chief expert

Time TopicAutomated Production of High Voltage Wiring Harness for New Energy Vehicles Guest

Jianqiang Chen
Xiamen Hiprecise Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager

Time TopicTE "Localized" Applications - Enabling Power Connections Guest

Wei Du
TE Connectivity (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Product Manager

Time TopicHigh-voltage Cable Solutions for New Energy Vehicles Guest

Jing Zhou
LEONI Cable (China) Co., Ltd. Product Manager

Time TopicLunch Break Guest

Time TopicNew Energy Vehicle Connection System Automation Solution Guest

Dawei Fang
Suzhou Harmontronics Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager

Time TopicOverall Solution for Smart Factory in Wiring Harness Manufacturing Industry Guest

Fengmei Niu
Wire Harness Division of Changchun E-PLUS Technology Co., Ltd. Vice President

Time TopicTelsonic Ultrasonic Metal Welding Guest

George Xu
Telsonic Ultrasonic Equipment (Shanghai) Co., LTD Technical Manager

Time TopicSolutions for Intelligent Processing of Wire Harnesses Guest

Weiliang Si
Jiangsu Bozhiwang Automation Equipment CO., Ltd. General Manager

Time TopicRequirements for Equipment and Commissioning of New Energy Large Square High-voltage Line Ultrasonic Welding Guest

Yinglong Zhao
ALWAYS New Energy Supplier Quality Expert

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