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Amidst the rapid evolution of EV and intelligent vehicles, the complexity of vehicle design is surging with an abundance of electronic components and ultra-large-capacity power batteries. The automotive wiring harness and connection technology is facing significant changes as they are core components in the electrical system of an automobile. These changes include ultra-high transmission rates, broader compatibility, stringent electromagnetic interference (EMI) requirements, and the need for a comprehensive design or redesign of vehicle communication cables' structure, components, and processes. Navigating such automotive industry upheaval requires flexible strategies and adaptability to emerging trends, which can decide the survival and development of enterprises. This forum serves as a platform to discuss technical developments, industry needs, and innovative solutions, sharing practical experiences and fostering in-depth discussions on forward-thinking solutions in related sectors.

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2024 Topics:

      - Design and requirements for new energy vehicle power system wiring

      - Technology trends in high-voltage automotive cables

      - Intelligent solutions for automotive high-voltage wire processing

      - Impact of automotive electronic architecture on wiring harnesses

      - High-speed vehicle Ethernet transmission solutions and trends

      - Trends in automotive Ethernet high-speed transmission cables

      - Intelligent solutions for automotive Ethernet wire processing

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