With the emergence of new industries and technologies like new energy vehicles, photovoltaic power generation, advanced packaging, AR/VR, and 5G/6G, the demand for adhesives is on the rise, accompanied by higher expectations for product performance. Moreover, environmental protection policies have spurred the development of eco-friendly adhesives such as water-based, hot-melt, and solvent-free variants. Consequently, dispensing equipment is evolving toward higher precision, efficiency, and intelligence. The adoption of high-efficiency, energy-saving cleaning equipment is in turn becoming a prevalent industry trend, fostering green and sustainable development within the adhesive sector.

Adhesives: Enhancing Safety and Comfort in Smart Cars

Adhesive technology plays a pivotal role in modern automobile manufacturing, contributing to improved driving comfort, noise reduction, shock absorption, lightweighting, energy conservation, process simplification, and enhanced product quality. As autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and smart cockpits drive a new phase of development, adhesives emerge as indispensable elements in vehicle design and production.

Expanding Application Markets for Innovative Dispensing Technology in the Age of Intelligence

The ongoing evolution of modern industries is propelling advancements in dispensing technology. From manual dispensing to dispensing guns, semi-automatic machines, and programmable systems, the sector is now embracing intelligence and automation. High-precision, stable, and eco-friendly dispensing equipment is unlocking innovation across various sectors, including medical devices, automotive, and mobile phones.

Beyond "Cleaning": The Growing Demand for Environmentally Friendly High-Performance Cleaning Equipment

The cleaning industry is witnessing increasing demand for high-purity and precision cleaning solutions. High-purity cleaning caters to industries requiring stringent cleanliness standards, such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and optoelectronics. Precision cleaning, on the other hand, focuses on deeply cleaning precision equipment and components, serving industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical sectors.

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