productronica China, a pivotal showcase for the electronics manufacturing industry, is going to unfold at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (E1-E6&C3) from March 20-22, 2024. This eagerly anticipated event is expected to draw over 800 innovative companies, transforming the exhibition site into a dynamic hub of nearly 70,000 square meters. Exhibiting the entire electronic manufacturing industry chain, the show will cover electronic and chemical materials, dispensing and bonding technology, electronic assembly automation, test, measurement and quality assurance, electronic manufacturing services, surface mount technology, wire harness processing, connector manufacturing, components manufacturing, motion control and drive technology, industrial sensors, robots, and intelligent warehousing. It promises an unparalleled opportunity to master global cutting-edge technologies and products in the intelligent manufacturing and electronic innovation sector.

Seven exhibition halls focus on industry hotspots, covering the entire spectrum of intelligent electronic manufacturing

Hall E1 — Embracing Industry 4.0 and Unlocking Efficiency and Cost Reduction with Robots

Amidst the Industry 4.0 era, technological innovations in industrial robots and smart warehousing are emerging. Collaborative robots, designed for safe co-working with human counterparts, mitigate the risk of personal injury. The integration of artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology facilitates companies in achieving more sophisticated production plans and enhanced inventory management. The incorporation of IoT technology brings forth additional possibilities for industrial robots and smart warehousing, including remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. productronica China 2024 aims to comprehensively gather industrial automation companies, and address the growing demand for product customization. Outstanding domestic and international robot companies will convene to explore the future of human-machine collaboration.

Hall E2 — New Energy Vehicle Technology Pioneering High-End, Intelligent, and Green Development

Advanced battery technology, motor technology, and electronic control technology are essential in the development of new energy vehicles. The indispensability of PLC industrial control technology in intelligent control and management of new energy vehicles is thus highlighted. It not only enhances vehicle performance, safety, and comfort but also contributes to the reduction of energy consumption and emissions, thanks to its intelligent control and management capabilities. Hall E2 is further divided into two major sections, focusing on new energy vehicle technology and automotive PLC industrial control systems, apart from the motion control and drive technology sections. This strategic layout emphasizes automotive electronic applications and provides robust support for the ongoing development and innovation within the automotive industry.

Hall E3 —Wire Harness Processing for Intelligent Connected Vehicles

The burgeoning era of intelligent connected vehicles is driving increased demand for wiring harnesses. These vehicles, aiming to realize seamless information interaction between vehicles and infrastructure, demand significant data and signal transmission. High-quality wires are crucial as the passage of data and signal transmission. The wire harness processing industry thus play a pivotal role in advancing the rapid development of new energy vehicles, intelligent connected vehicles, and industrial automation. productronica China 2024 will serve as a convergence point for industry giants launching newly developed automated wire harness processing equipment and production technology. These innovations, coupled with the robust technical support of these companies, promise to usher in a new era of digital, intelligent production, and flexible processing, fostering enhanced production efficiency and providing enterprises with expanded development opportunities.

Hall E4 — SMT advances Efficient, Flexible, and Intelligent Production

In the fast-growing global electronics manufacturing industry, surface mount technology (SMT) is the mainstream method for installing electronic components. As a widely embraced technology in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and communication equipment, SMT provides efficient, precise, and reliable production methods. In productronica China 2024, leading companies in the SMT industry will showcase innovative products, high technology and smart factory solutions that embody the “Intelligence+” concept. The exhibition will feature a Core Smart Factory Area, hosting live demonstrations of various production processes, including smart warehousing, complete surface mount welding lines, plug-in welding, optical inspection, electrical performance inspection, robot assembly, factory data collection, and other essential processes. Welcome to the real experience of a smart factory.

Hall E5 — Micro-Assembly Transforms Efficiency, Precision, and Innovation in the 5G and AIoT Era

Deep learning algorithms and AI+big data technology is taking center stage in the testing, measurement, and quality assurance area. A gathering of outstanding companies in the new Test, Measurement and Quality Control Area will showcase SPI, AOI, and other production line testing equipment designed to enhance manufacturing efficiency and product quality that are crucial to flexible production. The section dedicated to new energy vehicle inspection technology will focus on cutting-edge technologies in new energy vehicle inspection systems, ensuring optimal driving safety.

Micro-assembly technology, as a pioneering electronic manufacturing process, can achieve high-precision installation and welding of tiny components. Recognizing the increased demand for smaller and more powerful consumer devices in the domestic market, productronica China will collaborate with microelectronic packaging and assembly equipment manufacturers, integrators, and solution providers to keenly understand industry development, accelerate equipment accuracy and production yield, and establish a "Micro Assembly Technology Park" at the exhibition site. This dedicated space will focus on the full range of equipment and solutions in the application fields of MicroLED/MiniLED display chips, mobile phone micro components, MEMS devices, radio frequency devices, microwave devices, and hybrid circuits.

Hall E6 — Catalyst for the Growth of Dispensing and Injection Molding through technological innovations

Hall E6 takes center stage in the continuous development of global manufacturing, showcasing the increasing role of dispensing and injection technology in the 3C, automotive, and medical fields. The demand for dispensing and injection technology, fueled by the evolution of consumer electronics like smartphones and tablets, is rising. High-precision, high-speed dispensing equipment is key to improved production efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced product quality. The rapid development of new energy vehicles provides additional opportunities for the dispensing and injection industry. The stringent requirements of electric vehicle battery and motor production demand high precision in dispensing and injection technology, creating a vast market space for industry players. productronica China 2024 is poised to create an extensive display and exchange platform for dispensing and bonding technologies and electronic chemical materials. It will bring together cutting-edge companies to showcase new technologies and products, catering to the 3C, automotive, and medical industries. A noteworthy addition is the New Energy Vehicle Adhesive Innovation Exhibition Area, which offers a stage for the innovative adhesive solutions applied in the field of new energy vehicles.

Hall C3 — A Dedicated Exhibition Hall for New Energy Wire Harnesses and Connectors

Recognizing the burgeoning demand for booths, productronica China 2024 will introduces a new Hall C3 to support the manufacturing of new energy wire harnesses and connectors, apart from the existing Hall E3. This new exhibition area welcomes industry-leading companies, providing a platform for the display of targeted application solutions helping wire harness users achieve digital, intelligent production, and flexible processing, thereby enhancing production efficiency and opening up more development opportunities for enterprises.

Industry Experts Convene to Shape the Future of Intelligent Electronic Manufacturing

As a complement to the exhibition, several forward-looking support programs are scheduled during the productronica China 2024. Experts from various application industries, both domestic and international, will convene to interpret future development trends for the Chinese market.

The synergy of "AI + big data" spearheads the evolution of smart factories, with a particular emphasis on the emerging trend of flexible "smart" manufacturing.

  • “AI + Robot” Intelligent Flexible Manufacturing Summit
  • Energy Storage and New Energy Lithium Battery Technology Conference

Delve into the latest trends in new energy automotive electronics manufacturing within the framework of the "double carbon" blueprint.

  • New Energy & Intelligent Connected Vehicle Wiring Harness and Connection Technology Forum
  • Smart Car Cockpit and Automotive Electronics Manufacturing Summit

Innovation empowers industry transformation, and technology steers the future.

  • Intelligent Electronic Manufacturing and Frontier Technology Summit
  • Flexible and Printed Electronics Industry Foresight Summit

Unleash the blue ocean market by the combined forces of new energy vehicles, AIoT, and 5G, propelling a fresh momentum for advanced packaging.

  • TGV Advanced Materials and Packaging Industrialization Opportunities Summit Forum
  • 2024 High-end Electronic Adhesive Material Technology Innovation Seminar and 2024 Advanced Electronic Dispensing and Adhesive Technology Forum
  • New Energy Vehicle Electronics and High Reliability Technology Forum

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