Yokokawa Robot Shenzhen Co., Ltd.

Yokokawa Robot Shenzhen Co., Ltd.

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SMT | Soldering and joining technology for PCBs (soldering, gluing, dispensing, coating equipment, etc) | Production subsystems(Industrial robots, motion control, drive technology, etc)

Industrial electronics | Medical technology | New energy


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YOKOKAWA robot (Shenzhen) Ltd. is a company specializing in R & D, direct drive motor production, customization, sales and service as one of the independent intellectual property rights of high-tech enterprises,YOKOKAWA relying on years of research and development, application of direct drive motor experience, focus on the development and application of dedicated DD motors, linear motors, voice coil motor.Efficiently provide the excellent quality of the DD motor, linear motor and voice coil motor module, a series of products, products are widely used in micro precision laser processing equipment, precision measuring instruments, LED equipment, electronic semiconductor equipment, 3C equipment, testing equipment, new energy battery equipment, medical equipment and other fields of intelligent equipment. DD motors are mainly used in robotics, semiconductors, LED devices, electronic components and medical devices.

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