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  • Nordson (China) Co., Ltd. China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) E6.6502
    Operating in over 30 countries, Nordson Corporation is the leader in precision dispensing, fluid management, and related technologies. We offer products and systems for managing adhesives, industrial coatings, sealants, paints, polymers, fluids and biomaterials. Our solutions also include test and inspection equipment and curing and surface preparation systems.
  • HuiTian New Material China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) E6.6532
  • Qingdao Intelligent&Precise Electronics Co.,Ltd. China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) E5.5300
    The company is committed to becoming a professional and leading integrated provider of electronic measurement and control and integration solutions. Guided by "smart action, lean process", it realizes the standardization, generalization, integration, modularization and platformization of products, forms two core product lines of test automation and warehousing logistics automation, and provides a package of system solutions for customers.
  • MPI TECHNOLOGIES(SHENZHEN) LTD China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) E4.4310
    MPI technologies (shenzhen) co., LTD. Specialized PCBA electronic traceability automation products, Laser Marking Machine, Ink-Jet Machine,Label Mounter.
  • China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) E3.3580
  • Indium corperation United States E4.4100
  • NORDSON EFD United States E6.6502
    Nordson EFD designs and manufactures precision dispensing equipment for applying accurate, controlled amounts of assembly fluids.
  • Dong Guan Uluo Elecdtronic Co., LTD. China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) E4.4900
  • Shenzhen Shuangshi Technology Co., Ltd China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) E5.5528
    The company focuses on the development of precision dispensing and assembly equipment; specializes in the development and application of precision glue spraying, assembly, laser cutting and welding, as well as intelligent CCD positioning / detection in the semiconductor, LCD and camera industries; designs corresponding non-standard equipment according to customer needs, provides customers with process planning and other services, and is a one-stop service manufacturer of electronic production equipment.
  • Shanghai Jiurui Intelligent Technology Co.Ltd China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) E2.2330
    TPA's main products are: linear slide, linear motor, rotary motor and other transmission components.
  • Leadshine Technology Co., Ltd. China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) E2.2202
    Leadshine Technology Co.,Ltd., founded in 1997, specializes in development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality low-cost motion control products.



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