Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation

Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation

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Company Profile

Shanghai Seer Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading and high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in control and dispatching of mobile robots. As an expert providing one-stop solutions & know-how for mobile robots, Seer Robotics has the core technology and patients of mobile robots with independent intellectual property copy rights and has rich project experiences in the field of industrial automation. Seer Robotics is committed to serving integrators & End users in various industries and providing one-stop solutions & know-how for mobile robots including control, dispatching, integration and information management.

Seer Robotics' products, technologies and solutions have been widely applied in various industries as automotive manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, 3C electronics manufacturing, semiconductor, food and tobacco, e-commerce warehousing & logistics, security inspection, business services and medical education etc.

Seer Robotics actively implements its corporate mission - "Intelligence makes value" by continuously adhering to technological innovation, working with partners with a spirit of openness, tolerance and win-win cooperation to meet to the largest extent the customers' pursuit of high-quality products, technologies and solutions, and striving to be an innovator and leader in the robot industry!"

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