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HOSTAR GROUP is a high-tech. enterprises and mainly engages in the the professional design/manufacturing/sales/tech. service(after sales) industry,auto-testing systems,auto-Logistice storage systems, auto-electronics manufacturing equipment,industrial robots and so on.
Current technology coverage:Consumer electrinics industry,semi-conductor industry,automotive electronics industry,new energy automotive industry,medical electronics industry,LCD/TFT manufacturing industry and other industries.
Taking the Industrial 4.0 as the goal,focus on design and build a ultra-high-flexibility intelligent automation system for customers,and help our customers to achieve increasing the productivity,reducing manufacturing costs,and improving the product quality.
HOSTAR has passed the ISO quality management system certification,and we have the complete and scientific ERP management system,Meanwhile HOSTAR has a highly motivated,experienced,efficient and professional management and R & D team,adhering to the company's operating philosophy,to provide customers with the best design,the lowest cost and the best service!
Presently HOSTAR have more than 200 emplpyees,and is headquartered in Kunshan city of Jiangsu Province.For more convenient customer service,Hostar has already set up branches and offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen,Anhui,Chongqing,Shanghai,Nanjing and other places.

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