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Schunk Sonosystems GmbH

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Schunk Sonosystems – The reference for ultrasonic welding

It is seldom that two words are so closely connected: Schunk and ultrasonic welding. By pioneering developments, Schunk succeeded in establishing ultrasonic welding in many sectors, where today it is indispensable in production due to its efficiency, its quality, its process control and its process documentation. This fact and the exclusive focus on ultrasonic welding makes Schunk Sonosystems GmbH the world’s number 1 in ultrasonic metal welding.

Sonosystems operates in Wettenberg (Germany), Boston (USA), Moscow (Russia) and Taicang (Jiangsu province, China). Moreover, 30 agencies worldwide work for Schunk Sonosystems.

Every day, 250 engineers and technicians develop machines and equipment in close cooperation with our customers in order to master the most demanding tasks of welding non-ferrous metals. Our passion remains always the same - like on our first day: The best connection for our customers. Worldwide.

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