Flexible manufacturing and Smart Logistics Development Conference

National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) Shanghai
  • Intelligence Manufacturing and Industrial Automation Forum

    Host: Zhen Haoran ilinki Marketing Manager
Time Topic Guest
Time TopicIntroduction to deepen the implementation of Action Outline of Sino-German Cooperation Guest

Hu Shanshan
Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association Deputy Secretary General
ilinki Deputy General Manager

Time TopicInnovative Device-connecting Products Power Intelligent Manufacturing And Application Upgrading Guest

Xiao Xu
Field device connector products of Nanjing PHOENIX CONTACT Co., Ltd DC Segment Product Manager

Time TopicHigh Speed Cables Field Test For Performance Guest

Yang Li
Shanghai SEER Intelligent Technology Corporation Marketing Director

Time TopicAbout Micro Pitch & High Reliability Soldering Process Technology Guest

Zou Pu

Time TopicLenze Blue Digital Platform Enables New Power Of Intelligent Manufacturing Guest

Wang Xuejing
Lenze Drive Systems (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Strategic Marketing Director

Time TopicFast Speed Benefits From The "Core". Faster 3D Cameras And More Possibilities Guest

Guo Shanwei
Guangzhou Sick Sensor Intelligence Co., Ltd. Visual Project Supporting Manager

Time TopicApplication Of Franka Emika Force Control Robot In New Scene Guest

Bernd Oliver Lachmayer
TQ Systems Shanghai Co.,Ltd, CEO

Joey Zhu
TQ Systems Shanghai Co.,Ltd, Senior Automation Engineer

Time TopicEPLAN Powers The Automation Intelligent Design and Manufacturing of Digital Factories Guest

Peng Liang
EPLAN KA Manager

Time TopicMachine Awakening - From Automation to Intelligence Guest

Song Huazhen
B&R Industrial Automation Technology (China) Co.,LTD. Communication Manager

Time TopicIntelligent Manufacturing Core Control Technology Based on Open Sharing Technology Guest

Wang Zhiqiang
CODESYS Group Senior Technical Engineer,Marketing Strategy Centre Assistant Manager

Time TopicThe new way of industrial Ethernet in the intelligent age: EtherCAT, OPC UA TSN Guest

Zhang Xiaopeng
Beijing Motrotech Technology Co., Ltd. Technical Manager



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