This year's productronica China is gearing up for a remarkable showcase with a total of 9 support forums, spotlighting 4 pivotal industry themes.

  • The synergy of "AI + big data" spearheads the evolution of smart factories, with a particular emphasis on the emerging trend of flexible "smart" manufacturing.
  • Delve into the latest trends in new energy automotive electronics manufacturing within the framework of the "double carbon" blueprint.
  • Unleash the blue ocean market by the combined forces of new energy vehicles, AIoT, and 5G, propelling a fresh momentum for advanced packaging.
  • Innovation empowers industry transformation, and technology steers the future.

Under the core four themes above, the forum will cover industry topics including industrial robots, flexible manufacturing, energy storage and new energy, automotive wiring harnesses, smart cockpits, smart manufacturing, TGV advanced materials, packaging, adhesives, and new energy vehicles. The event promises extensive discussions and exchanges on these pivotal subjects.

1.  “AI + Robot” Intelligent Flexible Manufacturing Summit

The global robot industry, a benchmark for modern technology and high-end manufacturing, is experiencing unprecedented growth. ChatGPT, an intelligent productivity tool, has ushered in the "large model era," sparking new opportunities in the AI industry as well as its applications in numerous industries. In the industrial and manufacturing sectors intertwined with the national economy and people's daily lives, large-scale AI models are flourishing, ushering in fresh opportunities for the entire industry.

With the theme of diversified new models and business forms in "AI + Robots + Intelligent Manufacturing," this forum will invite renowned industry experts, scholars, and representatives from scientific research institutes and enterprises. The agenda includes discussions on innovation, technology, industrial development, solutions, and collaborative opportunities to foster shared insights, create advantages for cooperation and development, and seize the commanding heights of future industrial development. The organizer, acting as a crucial bridge, maintains a focus on enterprise demand orientation, and continues to build a platform for innovative cooperation, exchanges, and resource gathering. This commitment will contribute to cultivating a robust industrial ecology of innovation, cooperation, and mutual success, guiding the industry towards high-quality development.


  • "Large Model Era": AI's transformative role in manufacturing
  •  "AI + Robots": Routes and practices in intelligent manufacturing
  •  "AI + Robots" drives innovation of smart industrial manufacturing
  •  Robotized intelligent manufacturing as a pivotal direction
  • Digital workshop robot system design and engineering practice
  •  Flexible manufacturing: A breakthrough in smart industries
  • Promising opportunities through flexible manufacturing

2.  Energy Storage and New Energy Lithium Battery Technology Conference

In the global pursuit of sustainable development, new energy and energy storage technology are the pivotal drivers in the clean energy sector. The continuous evolution of digital technology presents both challenges and opportunities in the energy industry, fostering innovative development models.

This conference will assemble experts, scholars, business representatives, and technology innovators globally to delve into the latest trends, innovative applications, and sustainable development strategies within the new energy and energy storage domain. The platform encourages the sharing of cutting-edge scientific research results, practical practices, and innovative solutions, fostering cross-border exchanges and business cooperation to collectively promote the sustainable development of the energy sector.


  • The path to digital transformation in the battery industry
  • 3D vision-guided automation in lead-acid battery production
  • Informatization of energy enterprise from the perspective of network energy
  • Automation solutions for the lithium battery sector
  • Innovative solutions for new energy lithium battery
  •  Robotic applications in new energy vehicle production
  • Equipment solutions for lithium battery production

3.  New Energy & Intelligent Connected Vehicle Wiring Harness and Connection Technology Forum

Amidst the rapid evolution of EV and intelligent vehicles, the complexity of vehicle design is surging with an abundance of electronic components and ultra-large-capacity power batteries. The automotive wiring harness and connection technology is facing significant changes as they are core components in the electrical system of an automobile. These changes include ultra-high transmission rates, broader compatibility, stringent electromagnetic interference (EMI) requirements, and the need for a comprehensive design or redesign of vehicle communication cables' structure, components, and processes. Navigating such automotive industry upheaval requires flexible strategies and adaptability to emerging trends, which can decide the survival and development of enterprises. This forum serves as a platform to discuss technical developments, industry needs, and innovative solutions, sharing practical experiences and fostering in-depth discussions on forward-thinking solutions in related sectors.


  • Design and requirements for new energy vehicle power system wiring
  • Technology trends in high-voltage automotive cables
  • Intelligent solutions for automotive high-voltage wire processing
  • Impact of automotive electronic architecture on wiring harnesses
  • High-speed vehicle Ethernet transmission solutions and trends
  • Trends in automotive Ethernet high-speed transmission cables
  • Intelligent solutions for automotive Ethernet wire processing

4.  Smart Car Cockpit and Automotive Electronics Manufacturing Summit

As automotive intelligence advances, OEMs are redefining their products and offering users a novel perspective on automobiles as the future technology. The smart cockpit is a crucial means for consumers to experience automobile intelligence and the technology-driven space. Thus it has become essential in new automotive models, along with autonomous driving. At the same time, the upgraded and proliferated vehicle intelligence has pushed the demand for intelligent manufacturing and posed technical challenges, such as automation and intelligence, data management and analysis, equipment interconnection and communication, and the integration of multiple technologies.

Under such background, the forum invites OEMs, TIER1 companies, and leading technology firms to explore new technologies in smart cockpits and automotive electronics. Discussions revolve around leveraging smart manufacturing to enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate product quality and reliability.


  • Vision for the next generation of smart cockpits
  • Media-free holographic smart cockpit solutions
  • Opportunities in equipment development through smart cockpit display innovations
  • Integrating smart cockpit across domains
  • User experience drives smart cockpit development
  • Analysis of trends in smart cockpit light display technology
  • AI technology applications in automotive electronics manufacturing
  • Automotive electronic product design, manufacturing, and solutions

5.  Intelligent Electronic Manufacturing and Frontier Technology Summit

In the pursuit of intelligent manufacturing in the electronic information sector, exemplary cases of intelligent and automatic production of diverse small-batch components are particular importance for numerous small and medium-sized enterprises. Simultaneously, energy conservation and consumption reduction imperatives, coupled with government mandates for achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, propel manufacturing enterprises towards updating and transforming production equipment while balancing cost-effectiveness and low energy consumption, which can be both opportunity and challenge. The 2024 Intelligent Electronic Manufacturing and Frontier Technology Summit, embedded within productronica China, is poised to attract electronic manufacturing equipment manufacturers and end-users, providing a platform for shared insights and collaboration.


  • Communication standards and digital transformation in electronic manufacturing
  • Development and challenges in assembly/packaging technology for RF applications
  • Challenges in SiP packaging for SMT production processes
  • High-end inspection equipment (AOI/X-ray) in zero-defect production
  • Design and implementation of flexible PCBA and assembly line automation solutions
  • Evolution of electronic manufacturing from smart devices to digital factories
  • Efficient detection sensor applications in the electronics manufacturing industry

6.  Flexible and Printed Electronics Industry Foresight Summit

Printed electronics technology, rooted in printing principles, emerges as a significant electronic manufacturing approach. Its distinctive traits of large area, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness set printed electronic products apart, presenting a contrast to silicon-based microelectronics as a green and environmental technology. The low-temperature additive manufacturing method, coupled with inkjet printing, facilitates digital and personalized manufacturing. Also, printed electronics is a versatile technology applicable to any inkable material and substrate, positioning itself as a key player in wearable electronics and beyond. This forum explores cutting-edge technologies in the flexible and printed electronics industries.


  • Trajectory of printed electronics and future directions
  • High-resolution inkjet printing technology and equipment for flexible electronics
  • Flexible semiconductors and wireless RF devices through printing processes
  • Human-computer information interface based on flexible sensing
  • Flexible paper batteries and their applications
  • Packaging strategies for flexible electronic devices

7.  TGV Advanced Materials and Packaging Industrialization Opportunities Summit Forum

With the increasing complexity of semiconductor circuits, plastic substrates are nearing their capacity limit, particularly with the challenge of rough surfaces negatively impacting the inherent performance of ultra-fine circuits. Consequently, the semiconductor industry seeks a novel substrate solution. Intel anticipates that by the end of the 2020s (2020-2030), the semiconductor manufacturing process may confront constraints in reducing transistor sizes on organic material substrates, introducing mechanical issues such as power consumption, substrate shrinkage, and warping. Therefore, the shift towards glass panels emerges as a crucial factor in the forthcoming semiconductor manufacturing landscape. Intel envisions the launch of a comprehensive glass substrate solution in the latter half of the 2020s, poised to sustain Moore's Law beyond 2030.

This forum will delve into the practical applications of glass-based chip board across various domains, including Mini/Micro direct display, MIP packaging, 2.5D/3D packaging, radio frequency chip carrier boards, optical communication chip carrier boards, and other chip carrier boards, particularly advanced semiconductor packaging.


  • Opportunities and challenges for TGV technology under the Al+Chiplet trend
  • Solutions of glass material manufacturers in glass substrate applications
  • Development of advanced packaging technology and its material requirements

8.  2024 High-end Electronic Adhesive Material Technology Innovation Seminar and 2024 Advanced Electronic Dispensing and Adhesive Technology Forum

In recent years, the rapid development of emerging industries like 5G, artificial intelligence, smartphones, new energy vehicles, and the Internet of Things has driven substantial growth in China's high-end electronics and its adhesive industry. With an estimated overall electronic adhesive consumption of around 12 billion yuan in 2022, high-end electronic adhesives, encompassing semiconductors, new displays, automotive electronics, and smart driving, constitute over 50% of this consumption.

To navigate this historical opportunity, glue companies need to adapt to the high requirements, standards, and added value demand of the rapidly evolving high-end electronic glue industry. The 2024 High-end Electronic Adhesive Material Technology Innovation Seminar and 2024 Advanced Electronic Dispensing and Adhesive Technology Forum aim to help glue enterprises accurately grasp the latest trends and opportunities in China's high-end electronic glue market, fostering the rapid and high-quality development of the industry.


  • Application of thermal conductive materials in automated battery assembly
  • Electronic glue applications in semiconductor and high-end manufacturing
  • Silicone adhesive applications in new energy sectors
  • Silicone adhesives for automotive applications

9.  New Energy Vehicle Electronics and High Reliability Technology Forum

The burgeoning prosperity of new energy vehicles accelerates the revolution in automotive electronics. The heightened requirements for high-voltage safety, temperature adaptability, vibration and impact resistance, as well as high reliability and durability, constantly undergo iterative advancements. As automobiles evolve with increased safety and intelligence demands, the focus squarely rests on achieving high reliability in automotive electronic PCBA. The New Energy Vehicle Electronics and High Reliability Technology Forum brings together experts for joint discussions on the development of new energy automotive electronics and high reliability technology, emphasizing technology-based discussion and mutually beneficial cooperation.


  • Achieving high reliability in new energy automotive electronic PCBA
  • International automotive electronics standards and the challenges and solutions in enterprise practices
  • Best practices of automotive electronics circuit board and assembly suppliers
  • Effective solutions from testing, materials, and chemical suppliers

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