Flexible Manufacturing and Smart Logistics Development Conference

Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC)


Nowadays, to judge the automation level of a factory, the important measurement standard of "robot" is indispensable. From traditional manual handling and forklifts, to semi-automated conveyor belts and automated guided vehicles AGV, to today's third-generation SLAM navigation robot-autonomous mobile robot AMR, the manufacturing plant has become more flexible and flexible with the support of various robots. From a market perspective, the current consumer demand for electronic products is becoming more and more enthusiastic, which requires manufacturers to respond quickly, keep up with the customized needs of consumers, and ensure the implementation of flexible production. However, the production process still faces a series of pain points such as congested production lines, narrow logistics channels, various material requirements, high production workshop environment requirements, and the existing plant layout not suitable for traditional logistics automation. How to better use mobile robots to build flexible smart factories will become the focus of this forum.

Target Audience:

Huawei Technologies |ZTE| OPPO |TCL | Ericsson | Hi-p | Xiaomi | Wingtech | Huaqin | Shanghai Railway Communication | NAI Communications Technology | Suzhou Bibixi |Finisar| Jits | AEROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS GROUP | Amphenol-TFC | Commscope | Ningbo ASK | Pulse | Qingdao Topscomm |Chengrui Optics|Anhui Aerospace Biotechnology | Beijing Aerospace Guanghua Electronic Technology | Beijing Aerospace Xinli Science and Technology | Chengdu Aerospace Wanxin Science and Technology | Guizhou Wind Thunder Aviation Machinery | Guizhou Aerospace Electronics | Second Academy of Aerospace |



•How to achieve collaboration between  collaborative robots and AMR

•Conception of Application Scenarios for Mobile Robots

•the breakthrough of intelligent manufacturing genius in the 3C and semiconductor manufacturing industry

•AGV/AMR helps build a 3C manufacturing smart warehouse with high flexibility, high reliability and high cost performance

•New technology empowers mobile robots for industrial applications


• If you are interested in the above topics, please sign up for the forum and prepare your own speech title and content based on the above topics.

•Submission of speech materials: Chinese and English speech titles, guest profiles and photos, and 250-word speech abstracts.

•Application Deadline: March 10, 2023

•Speech PPT Submission Deadline: April 7, 2023


  • Flexible Manufacturing and Smart Logistics Development Conference

Time Topic Guest
Time TopicCheck in Guest

Time Topic3C Smart Logistics Solution Guest

Jia Chen
JDL General Manager of 3C Industry

Time TopicForwardX Empowers New Formats of Warehousing and Logistics Guest

Hao Wang
ForwardX Robotics Co., Ltd East China Director

Time TopicMiR AMR Helps Smart Factory Logistics Automation Transformation Guest

Chen Tao
MiR Autonomous Autonomous Robot China Sales Manage

Time TopicDevelopment and Trend of Logistics Robot Industry & Application of Tasker Robot Guest

Lifeng Chen
Guangdong Tuskrobots Co., Ltd Co-founder

Time TopicLunch Break Guest

Time TopicCheck in Guest

Time TopicIndustrial-grade Digital Pedestals Help Enterprises Transform Digitally and Intelligently Guest

Xuebin Chen
Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System Co.,Ltd Solution Manager

Time TopicFlexible Line-side Storage Solution for Digital Intelligent Production Process Guest

Jian Hong
Suzhou Passion Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd Pre-sales Program Director

Time TopicMobile Collaborative Robot System, User-defined Semiconductor Lighthouse Factory Guest

Wei Wang
SIASUN Co., Ltd Industry BU Director

Time TopicUnmanned Forklift AGV Helps Enterprises Transform and Upgrade Intelligently Guest

Kai Zhang
VisionNav Robotics (Shenzhen) Limited East China Sales Director

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