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Rokae robotics, founded in 2014, is a national high-techenterprise conducting R&D,manufacturing and systemintegration of industrial robots. Widely recognized by the industry, Rokae has rapidly become one of the leadingproviders of light-weight robots in China.We keep focusing on product development and technology breakthrough of light-weight industrial robots. Until now,more than 50 R&D patents and scientific prizes have been granted. Our XB series 6-axis light-weight industrial robots
are reducing cost and increasing productivity for our customers by polishing, machine tending, assembly, sorting and inspection. Besides prestigious customers like Valeo, Kyocera, and BBK, we also build a strong relationship with manyresearch institution like Tsing hua University and Shenyang Institute of Automation. At the same time, we actively and strategically cooperate with many partners to expand application of robots in different industries.

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