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Company Profile

Enabling the future of electronics - Mycronic offersworld class production equipent for electronics and display manufacturing.
Mycronic creates innovative production solutions forelectronics manufacturers globally. The production solutions make possible endproducts such as advanced displays, life-saving medical implants and the nextgeneration of satellites.
Mycronic has two business areas, Assembly Solutionos(AS) and Pattern Generators (PG).
The manufacturing solutions within business area AS master the complexity of modern electronics production. The product of fering comprise equipment for application of slder paste, dispensing of other assembly fluids, mounting of electronic componets onto circuit boards and assembly and test of camera modules for driver assistance systems for the automotive industry.
The complex mask writers within business area PG are necessary for manufacturing photomasks. Photomasks are used by the world's leading electronics manufacturers for production of advanced displays used in tablets, smart phones, TVs and computers and for applications within electronic packaging.
With our global organization consisting of subsidiaries in ten countries and through distributors andagents,we deliver production equipment and services to leading actors withinthe electronics industry in more than 50 countries.

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