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Company Profile

ViscoTec is a German manufacturer of metering and dispensing components for semi and fully automated production and assembly processes for precise micro dispensing as well as speed-proportional bead dosing. In the same way there are systems for 2-component applications, emptying systems and material preparation systems in the portfolio of ViscoTec, also to be used for filling cosmetics or pharmaceutical products.

preeflow® - ViscoTec sub brand.
High-tech dosing technology from ViscoTec

The brand preeflow® stands for precise, purely volumetric dosing of liquids in small and smallest quantities. Based on more than 20 years of experience all around fluid dispensing “preeflow®” was established in 2008 – and in addition also microdispensing in perfection.

preeflow® products are integrated in dispensing applications worldwide. The unique quality – Made in Germany – turns them to essential components, for example in adhesive dispensing like 1K or 2K adhesives.

If it comes to dispensers like the eco-PEN or eco-DUO, to control devices and evaluation units:
preeflow® products comply with our principle „small, precise, economical“.

Its worldwide workforce of approximately 100 employee is providing sophisticated solutions to meet even the most complicated requirements, ViscoTec offers the advantage that your system components all come from one single source. This ensures absolute component compatibility and any problems of costly or elaborate interfaces are avoided right from the start.

In 2013 ViscoTec opened their new office in Shanghai as we want to be very close to the customer by local contacts, expand our services and guarantee a quick product availability to the customer.

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