Purbest Technology CO.,LTD

Purbest Technology CO.,LTD

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Production technologies for cable processing and connectors | Components manufacturing

Industrial electronics | Medical technology | Aviation & Space technology | Military electronics


Company Profile

Purbest Technology CO.,LTD draw over ten years experience in the electronics industry, and rely on the scientific research of UESTC. We devote ourselves to research, development and produce the professional equipment of electronics industry, including: Ewire stripper, Forming system, Automatic ink jet printer and Reconditioning system and etc.

We attained technical invention letter of patent, and we already sold our equipment overseas, such as Russian.

Our professional R&D specialists work with the spirit of studying an innovation. Company name is form the Chinese poem:Be ling extremely, see the mountains small.We have been adhering to the philosophy: Make the world class products.We keep trying our best to provide customers the high-tech and high quality products and make a contribution to develop of high-precision equipment.

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