International Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem Summit 2019

Hall C4,Shanghai New International Expo Center
  • Smart Manufacturing

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Time TopicRegistration and Networking Breakfast Guest

Time TopicWelcome Speech Guest

Time TopicThe PCB industry and the Smart Factory Guest

Tom Edman
TTM Technologies CEO

Time TopicUnleashing the Potential of the Digital Twin Guest

David Rogers
Siemens Digital Factory Global Account Manager Electronics Industry

Time TopicNow to NEXT—Solutions to Accelerate Faster, Smarter, And More Secure Industry Automation Solutions Guest

Morton Zhao
ADI China General Manager for ADI China System Team

Time TopicThe Chemistry between Smart Manufacturing and Semiconductor Industry Guest

Junjie Chen
TF Securities Analyst

Time TopicPanel Discussion: How to Seize the Opportunities In the Value Paradigm Shift Led by Manufacturing Evolution Guest

Time TopicRegistration Guest

Time TopicCritical Supporting Techniques Needed in Smart Manufacturing Guest

Xi Cao
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Technical Director

Time TopicASM Backend Equipment Smart Factory Solution towards Industry 4.0 Guest

Andy Tee
ASM Technology Pte Ltd Senior Project Manager

Time TopicBroadcom Optocouplers for Industrial Robotics Guest

Hong Lei Chen
Broadcom Product Manager

Time TopicThe Role of AI in the Automation of Industrial Decision-making Guest

Michael Chang
Synergies Intelligent Systems, Inc. CEO

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  • Xi Cao

    Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. | Technical Director

    Critical Supporting Techniques Needed in Smart Manufacturing
  • Tom Edman

    TTM Technologies | CEO

    The PCB industry and the Smart Factory
  • David Rogers

    Siemens Digital Factory | Global Account Manager Electronics Industry

    David is the Global Account Manager of Siemens specialized on the Electronics industry solely. For more than 15 years David gained an intense working experience in the field of Automation in Germany and Asia throughout the complete value chain including manufactuerers, EMS and End Customers. David gained domain knowledge along all aspects of Automation and Digitalization including IT-Security and industrial networks covering a holistic approach beyond the Industry 4.0 scope. He holds an Master degree in Automation and China Business Studies as well as an MBA from Mannheim Business School.

    Unleashing the potential of the Digital Twin

    Virtually every company is talking about innovation and digitalization. And a major driver is the so-called Digital Twin. While talking about this Industry 4.0 enabler, most people have one benefit in mind: Aggregating the data in a cloud & integration of artificial intelligence for future enhancements which lead to an optimization of the operation. Another one is the simulation of a product and derive the behavior in certain conditions. Both are covering only one certain aspect of the product lifecycle from product design to production execution while there is so much more possible by utilizing the concept of the digital twin in the production engineering phase via Virtual Commissioning. Streamline the activities of all disciplines involved in the physical commissioning of their automated production systems, reducing errors and increasing the speed in which they bring automated manufacturing systems online by writing the controller program and building the machine at the same time.

    During this presentation the audience will learn about the different digital twin concepts and benefits during product design, production planning, production engineering and production execution with a focus on virtual commissioning of a CAD model via the actual controller code. Further it will be demonstrated how develop and leverage connected intelligent products, processes, and services through closed-loop innovation by the usage of the digital twin.



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