China Electronics Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment & Process Innovation Forum

Room M17 (2nd floor) in Hall E2, SNIEC

General Information

Time: March 18, 2020

Place: Room M17 (2nd floor) in Hall E2, SNIEC

Organizer: Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Audience: 200

Main Topics

  • Smart Electronic Assembly Based on the Requirement of High-Mix Small-Medium-Batch
  • Connectivity to Realize Digital Factory for Electronic Manufacturing
  • Excellent Overall Detection Solution
  • The challenges of 5G Smart Phone’s Manufacturing
  • Exploration and Thinking on DFM in Electronics Manufacturing
  • Assembly, 3D Assembly and SIP System Packing of Minature Components
  • Fast Design and Development of Customized Electronics Manufacturing Equipment
  • The Design and Realization of Precision Manufacturing System in Electronics Manufacturing
  • Establishment of Management Information System in Electronics Manufacturing Enterprises



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