China Electronics Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment & Process Innovation Forum

Room M17 (2nd floor) in Hall E2

General Information

Time: March 20, 2019

Place: Room M17 (2nd floor) in Hall E2, SNIEC

Organizer: Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Audience: 200

Main Topics

  • Smart Electronic Assembly Based on the Requirement of High-Mix Small-Medium-Batch
  • Connectivity to Realize Digital Factory for Electronic Manufacturing
  • Excellent Overall Detection Solution
  • The challenges of 5G Smart Phone’s Manufacturing
  • Exploration and Thinking on DFM in Electronics Manufacturing
  • Assembly, 3D Assembly and SIP System Packing of Minature Components
  • Fast Design and Development of Customized Electronics Manufacturing Equipment
  • The Design and Realization of Precision Manufacturing System in Electronics Manufacturing
  • Establishment of Management Information System in Electronics Manufacturing Enterprises
  • Intelligent Manufacturing

Time Topic Guest
Time TopicInteractive Communication Guest

Time TopicIntelligent Manufacturing Top Level Planning Architecture Design and Implementation Method Guest

Gang Liu
Assembly Automation Committee of Jiangsu Electronic Society Secretary-General

Time TopicHow to Ensure High Throughput and Quality under the Trend of Component Miniaturization Guest

Ji Xu
ASM Assembly Systems Product Marketing Manager

Time TopicFUJI Smart Factory Guest

Jianwei Huang
Fuji Machine China Co.,Ltd. Vice General Manager

Time TopicThe Development Trend of IC Next Generation Packaging and the Challenge of Assembly Process Guest

Zhongzhong Jia

Time TopicExperience Sharing on the Construction of Inventec Intelligent Factory Guest

Hongliang Zhou
Inventec Electronics(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. Smart Factory Solutions Specialist

Time TopicIntelligent Factory Guest

Sicheng Ding
YAMAHA Motor IM (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Manager

Time TopicIndustrial Internet Security Has a Long Way to Go, Challenges and Opportunities Coexist Guest

Yian Zhu
Northwestern Polytechnical University Director

Time TopicPractice and application of smart factory based on Industrial Internet Guest

Timon Zhan
Beijing Aerospace Smart Manufacturing Technology Development Co.,Ltd Technical Director

Time TopicOpinion on the Development Trend of Electronic Assembly Technology Guest

Lu Xu
Xi’an Tianhe Defense Technology Co., Ltd Chief Technologist

Time TopicThe Application of the Intelligentized Development of the High-variety, Changeable-volume Flexible Electronics Assembly of the Aero-engine Engine Electronic Controller Guest

Haihong Qian
AECC Aero Engine Control System Institute Senior Manager

Time TopicSharing Experiences of the Emplementation of Smart Electronic Assembly Based on the Requirement of High-Mix Small-Batch Guest

Yatao Liu
China Wemax Limited Manager



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